RAD Monika

Who is behind the Vuelta Ride?

I am Monika and the instigator for this challenge. I am originally from Germany but have lived in the USA, Switzerland, Australia and now in Spain. I started cycling 9 years ago and it has become my biggest passion in life. Last year I swapped my job as a management consultant for cycling. Now, I inspire and empowers others to ride bikes, explore the world and discover all the benefits that cycling brings.

Having experienced the entire spectrum of cycling – from UCI races in Europe, gravel races in the U.S. Midwest, track, cyclocross and mountain biking, my favorites are ultra-light cycling adventures through a new country and tough endurance challenges.

Why riding the route of the Vuelta?

By riding the route Vuelta a Espana, one of the biggest cycling challenges in the world, I want to show that cycling is more than just turning pedals. The Vuelta Ride showcases what cycling is about: challenging your own limits, discovering a country, connecting to nature, adventure and a community – cycling is about experiences that create lasting memories, life-long friendships and a powerful feeling of being alive.

Why targeting especially women?

My message is especially targeted towards women as there is a big gap of women’s participation in cycling.

If you dont care, think again. How many more leave passes would you get if your other half shares your passion to cycling?

I just want to clarify, I am not a feminist and dont belong to any ‘camp’. I am just a cyclist who happens to be a woman. I do a lot of cycling challenges and group rides and see a big gap of women’s participation. Thus, I am especially targeting women. However, this message is for everyone. Cycling is such a fulfilling, life-enriching happy-maker and smile-inducer!