Cycling is not just riding a bike. It means connecting to nature, exploring the world, building community, supporting health and is an instant happy-maker.

Cycling is exciting, thrilling, adventurous, soothing and meditative – cycling has many faces and stories. Despite the repetitive movement of the pedal stroke, the experience is unique every time.

I am so passionate about cycling that I swapped my job as a management consultant for cycling. Now, I film, write and speak about my biggest passion with the aim to inspire and empowers others to be able to experience the same what I do when riding bikes.

To showcase what cycling can offer in terms of a challenge, the outdoors, the experience of a country and the community I will be riding the entire route of one of the toughest cycling races in the world, the ~3300km Vuelta a Espana. As there is still a big gap to be closed in regards to participation of the sport, I want to reach out especially towards women (please see my view on Women’s cycling here). A group of female cyclists will join me for parts of this journey – each with an inspiring story what cycling means to her.


I will ride the entire 3300km Vuelta a Espana route, one of the toughest cycling races in the world, just hours before the professional race to inspire others, especially women, to ride bikes. Although the 3300km is a huge challenge, my mission goes beyond completing 21 days of very tough cycling days – it is about getting as many people, especially women, to ride bikes! To achieve that, I aim to get as much attention for this project as possible. I am doing that by reaching out to magazines, TV and big companies to support this mission. I am also presenting my project in schools, give motivational speeches and workshops, lead local rides and create cycling camps.

In addition, a video will be produced to showcase the beauty of cycling by riding the route of the Vuelta a Espana as a female amateur cyclist. I am also inviting everyone to join me for parts of this journey – either virtually through live updates – or in reality, ride parts of the kilometers with me! I will have a live tracker with me so it is easy to follow or join me.

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